“Blueberry Plus” Rainbow Quilt


The inspiration of this quilt is Karen Lewis‘ fun Blueberry Park prints from Robert Kaufman Fabrics, plus some of her limited hand-printed fabrics. There are a few other pieces of fabric, especially in various yellows, because of my colour preferences, hence why I’ve called it “Blueberry Plus”.

This quilt consists of 72 x 5″ squares of fabric (“charm squares”), in a 8 x 9 configuration. I chose this size to fit the backing fabric I wanted to use, a lovely piece of Cotton + Steel Basic fabric that I had picked up as a bolt end.

I also got a piece of another Cotton + Steel Basic print for the binding. And I used a lovely soft 50/50 Cotton/ Bamboo batting from SewEasy for this, my very first real quilt.

Based in the advice of Jessy Ratfink, I also invested in a walking foot for my sewing machine, to make the quilting part easier. I also invested in a magnetic seam guide (plus some painters tape stuck to the machine) to aim for more accurate 1/4″ (6mm) seams.

Walking foot and magnetic seam guide

Design and Tips

I used the patchwork skills I had gained from making 3 blankets previously (without quilting: #1, #2, #3), and now had the confidence to turn a piece of patchwork into a REAL quilt this time!

I relied strongly on the great advice and tips from Amy Smart, as well as the other websites mentioned throughout.

I sewed each row of squares together, with 1/4″ seams.

Strips of coloured squares

I then sewed the strips together and trimmed the edges.

Finished patchwork quilt top, ready for batting

I then made a “batting sandwich” and used 505 Spray and Fix to baste the patchwork quilt top and the backing fabric to the Cotton/Bamboo batting (right sides out).

Then I used my new walking foot on the sewing machine to “stitch in the ditch”, quilting the 3 layers together along the seams of my patchwork of charm squares (5″).

I then followed Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew’s wonderful binding tutorial to make and attach my binding.

Close up of my binding, backing and quilt label

And voila I had my very first, homemade quilt! So pleased with the colours and textures and how it all worked out so well, even if my stitching isn’t perfectly straight!

My completed “Blueberry Plus” Rainbow Quilt
Ready for chilly nights on the couch

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