45cm of 25mm wide (1″) bias binding.

Below are some of the lovely coloured 25mm bias bindings I have from GJ’s Discount Fabrics and L’uccello.

Colourful bias binding


Cut 45cm of bias binding (25mm/1″ width).

Iron in half length ways (edges in).

Turn each end 14cm in, tuck inside the fold and pin in place (at 14-15cm mark and at the 30-31cm mark).

Pinned in place before sewing

Sew from one end to the other in one continuous stitch (back stitch at the beginning and end).
Finished “Loopies” with and without dummies

Hints and tips

These “loopies” are so easy to make and really are my favourite way of making sure dummies don’t go astray during the night or when we are out and about.

Attaching the dummy by looping through

One loop can be used to secure the dummy (above) and the second loop can be hooked through the arm hole of a sleeping bag (different versions demonstrated below) or through a pram strap, or however you see fit! (Please see my previous caveats on using handy tags for dummies.)

With the dummy securely attached by the 1st loop, the 2nd loop can then be attached to a sleeping bag

When there is no obvious point of attachment, loop the dummy through the 2nd loop to attach

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