Big Star Baby Blanket

Pattern Simple big star baby blanket (no quilting) by Palak Shah


Star: Out-of-print (OOP) Heather Ross fabrics from various Etsy suppliers (4 x fat quarters)

Background: Calico from GJ’s Discount Fabrics, approx 0.5 m wide

Backing: Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics‘ Frog Pond fabric (also from GJ’s), approx 1 x 1 m

Hints and Tips

This pattern is so easy to follow and it makes a wonderful, light-weight blankie that was great for someone like me, who has access to a sewing machine, but I didn’t have lots of time (before my bubs was born) to learn proper quilting.

I cut all of these squares of fabric by hand – for the next project I’m going to invest in a rotary cutter!

The calico and the different textures of the OOP Heather Ross fabrics make this big star blankie a tactile delight!


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