Patchwork Baby Rag Tag #2


This Tag Rag is similar to Tag Rag #1 on one side, with the 4 x 6.5″ squares of colourful geometric patterns. On the second side, this time I created another “block” of a 9.5″ square of patterned fabric, then flanked by 4 half-square triangles (HSTs) made from cutting 2x 6.5″ along the diagonal.


A variety of fabrics and ribbons from my stash. Most fabrics are from GJ’s Discount Fabrics, especially the brightly coloured Riley Blake Basics prints. Really liking the new black and white text prints of Australian place names from Cotton Factory.

All ribbons were cut to be 10cm long and folded in half.

Order from the chaos?

These are now my go-to gift for new babies. I like being able to play with more fabric colours and patterns on the two sides and the tags provide great stimulation from about 3-4mo.



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