Handy Loopy Tags


Tested a variety of lengths, up to 25cm long (10″) but mainly stuck to approx 2.5cm (1″) wide fabric scraps


Fabric scraps from various projects

Various ribbons and hat elastic

25mm (1″) Birch Binding Maker from Clegs

Order from chaos?

This project starts with a disclaimer. I originally made these “Handy Tags” as Dummy Tags (aka Pacifier Tags) to help keep my bubs’ dummy attached to his pram straps or his sleeping bag, by having a loop at each end; one for the dummy and one for attachment. At the time, I used the Australian guidelines of dummy tags being a maximum length of 25cm to avoid chocking. I have since revisited the Australian guidelines and they recommend never attaching a dummy because it is a chocking hazard. Hence why these Handy Tags are now recommended for as Key Tags etc.

From top to bottom in the picture is the order which I created these and each attempt definitely improved. I thought ribbons would work to loop through the dummy, and then potentially a pram strap or sleeping arm hole (to avoid loss during the night), but the hat elastic was more flexible and hence easier to loop through things.

For the bottom two tags, I put my scraps through a 1″ Binding Maker tool to help create folded edges for sewing the two sides neatly, wrong sides, together (rather than the right sides together and squeezing the narrow fabric through). The bottom photo shows the cheap and easy Birch Binding Maker tool and the Scientific Seamstress had some great tips for ironing with it (I didn’t run bias-cat fabrics through it, I just used my straight-cut fabric scraps and made sure they were between 30-49mm wide).

Handy Tags #1

Birch 25mm Bias Maker


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