Patchwork Baby Rag Tag


4 x 6.5″ squares of cotton patched together. The patchwork is then pinned right-sides together with a single piece of cotton the same size, with 10cm ribbons pinned inwards in place. Sew most of the way around, turn right-way out and then stitch over the open section and all of the way around for a nice neat border.  Et voila!


Patchwork: Riley Blake Basic Pattern Fabric Fat Quarters (FQs) from GJ’s Discount Fabrics

Backing: Various fun prints with cute characters, mainly Heather Ross plus Zombie fabric by Emily Taylor

Various ribbons

Order out of chaos?

This is a great present for babies. They like them from about 4mo when they can grab at the tags and play with them in the pram.

Can you tell I like this colour combo of yellow, green, blue and orange (as also seen on Baby Blanket #1)? I think it’s a fun and gender-neutral palette for babies.


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